Your WordPress Journey Starts Here

Did you know WordPress powers 29% of the internet? Its true, even the website is now run using WordPress. It is truly a versatile platform. You can publish a blog or create a complex site, WordPress can handle it all.

New Website/Blog

Looking to start a brand new blog? You have come to the right spot, read: Start Blogging with WordPress or Basic Steps to Start a WordPress Website. Either one will give you all the info you need to get started.

Going Self-Hosted

If you already have a blog on and want to go self-hosted this is for you. You can read my topic to Move to Self-Hosted WordPress or check my Self-Hosted WordPress Migration Service.

If you are going self-hosted there are some extra steps you need to take in order to Move Subscribers / Stats.

Also important to know that once you switch to a self-hosted WordPress your blog won’t show up in the WordPress reader. Your existing subscribers will still see you, but you won’t be visible to new followers.

Join the global community.

The great thing about WordPress is the supportive community that it has, help is always a post or tweet away. You can also visit the Forums to get help with any issues you might have along the way.

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