So apparently there is this thing called a Now page. Never heard about it until recently. The basic concept is that you have a page on your website called Now. On this page, you post what you are currently doing. You update it regularly and it helps give people that want to hire you an idea of what you are currently working on. So here it goes:

What I’m doing right now

Last time I updated this was November 3rd of last year. Lots of changes since then. I am currently working with one client on a new website and helping out about 5 clients with monthly maintenance. I have started to write a book on my free time, it’s a sci-fi-ish book about a time traveler. Which I am excited about and hope to publish in a couple of months. I can add Published Author to my bio. I really haven’t had a chance to add any new guides but do plan on adding some soon.

Last updated on February 17, 2018