My Thoughts on Gutenberg

Having tried out the Gutenberg plugin on my test site, I thought I would offer my perspective on how it functions.

I feel like using Gutenberg is like using Visual Composer or Cornerstone which is part of the X theme.

It’s another block layout builder. Nothing new, I understand why the developers working on WordPress want to make the change. They want to make this platform easy to use for anyone that is new to WordPress.

I feel though that this is such a HUGE change that will break many plugins and functions that people have built into their current sites that this should not be forced on to every user.

Having cleared my site just for testing purposes, using the beta version of Gutenberg was easy. It has worked fine, I have no customizations, no other plugins, no custom themes, no other posts. It works as advertised.

Current rating, 11/12/17

But reading the reviews people are voicing their concerns about how this substantial update will break their custom site.

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