Backup your site before making changes.

I had an issue recently with a client site where I had done an update to a very popular plugin and halfway through I started to get error messages. Ok, no big deal right? Wrong. I refreshed the page and bam ?? I got a white screen on the admin page. I thought oh no! ?.

What I did first.

I knew the white screen was caused by a plugin. So I went into the file manager, went into the content section and renamed the plugin in question. I then went back to the site crossed my fingers ? and hit F5 to refresh the page and….. Nothing still a white screen.

What I did next

Well disabling the plugin didn’t work the only other option I had was to restore from a backup. So I thought, do they have backups? I looked and the hosting company and saw they do monthly backups. I checked the last back update and it was done the day before. How luckily I was. I informed my client of the issue and told them was had happened.

Restoring from a backup

After talking to my clients their response was “better you than me”. After a quick laugh, I went ahead and restored the site using the backup. Once it was done I headed back to the site and hit F5 again, crossed my fingers ? and… The site came back up. ?

Moral of the story

You have no way of knowing when something might go wrong. When I did the update to this site yesterday I even got a white screen when updating a theme. Luckily deleting the theme from the file manager worked for me. I had a backup just in case.

My client was happy at the end of the day and even signed up for one of my care plans to make sure she is covered in the future.

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