The Problem with the WordPress Reader

As nice as it is to follow and find new blogs the reader in the WordPress app is terrible. Looking for posts about specific topics is not easy, there is no sort by date. Seems like a basic function to include but not available. Well, that’s all. Just a quick rant. Happy Sunday.

Lesson​ Learned

Success is the result of learning from failure So I have created dozens of websites, a quick look at my domain account shows I have at least 30 domains registered. My ideas have ranged from selling twitter followers (which actually made money) to blogging about the walking dead. At one point I had a website/forum for people […]

First Post Using Gutenberg​

Right off the bat, I have to say I really like the distraction around writing a post. You have a bar at the top and a left and right column. That it.  Screenshot of Gutenberg back end.  If you have used Visual Composer, Gutenberg works the same way. Everything is a new block, which makes […]

Another birthday

Well here it is one year later celebrating another birthday something about 29 doesn’t seem as exciting as previous year. Just hanging out with some family and watching movies is good enough for me. Opted out of going out to eat or having a party. Can’t beat staying home and relaxing.

A Little About Me

I have noticed that no matter what I do, time is a hard thing to set aside for certain things. I have a very busy schedule and I have always tried to set some time aside to write at least once a day. It has yet to actually happen but that is a goal of […]

Well Its Moving Day

Well, boxes packed, stuff moved into storage. Last few things this week to pack and take care of. It has been over a year since our last move and now here we are again. Moving. How much I hate this, although last year was the first move I have made in over 8 years, not […]

Blog Post Schedule

Just thought I would do a quick post to lay out what my intended plan is for content on this site. With three kids and a full-time job (kids on their own is a full-time job), I am planning on posting new guides M-F and posting personal blogs on the weekends. The guides during the […]

My very first website

If not for photoshop I would not have created my first website. All thanks to a great graphics teacher who taught a great class during my Junior year of high school. I am going to paraphrase but I’ve always remembered him saying that no matter what you have learned here (high school), Photoshop will be something that […]