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Be Kind Take A Hike was created to promote positivity and healthy living for both new and distinguished hikers. The world needs more kindness and our mission is to help spread that positivity to those who need it the most.

Hiking has incomparable effects on our bodies, not just physically, but especially mentally. Something about the wind in the trees and the sun on your face that can make the rainiest of days seem bright again.

Be Kind Take A Hike is a community of hikers who are determined to start the conversation and spread optimism, giving a helping hand to those just starting out. It’s saying hello to the hikers you pass, taking a moment to look up at the green trees and stopping to take a full breath on a day you feel like you can’t breathe.

Be Kind Take A Hike is about celebrating the sun rays in your life. Every mountain that you have climbed and each trail you complete is something that you can be proud of. Hiking is a means of practicing mindfulness and shifting your focus. It is not about the mountains and challenges ahead of you, it’s about finding success and achievement in the mountain you are currently climbing.

Our mission is to start the conversation, create a community and together work towards a better world – one step at a time.

In our store, we have a limited number of t-shirts available to purchase.

For each t-shirt sold, we are investing in the future of hiking and the places we enjoy the most. For every shirt purchased we commit to planting one tree, we, together are creating the trails for the hikers of the future and giving the gift of positivity to the next generation.

Our message is simple – be kind and take a hike. Join our community today.